Meet our Licensed Agents

Emily A. Brown

Emily is a full time student at Shawnee State University and works full time as our trainer.  She is licensed in multiple states.

Jerrod Smith

Jerrod is veteran of The US Navy.  He served as a corpsman, attached to the Marines, from 1999-2002. He is very active in his church. He has a bachelors degree in medical sociology from Shawnee State University.

William B. Holman

William is enjoying his first career in life.  He is a hard worker, dedicated to finding you what you need. He is licensed in multiple states.

William Jones

William has his bachelors degree from Shawnee State in business administration with a concentration in accounting.  He currently is working on his MBA. He is also a full time agent with us and licensed in multiple states.

Aaron Diaz

Aaron is father of one beautiful girl.  He is a full time agent licensed in multiple states.  He is our number one agent in 2016 and so far in 2017.

Megan Gibson

Megan is licensed in health and life.  She leads our work site division where her primary focus is on employee benefits. She is an artist and a photographer.